Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Halloween Dinner Party!!

Last year we started a new tradition and it has turned out to be so much fun! The Olsen family has a "Mystery Dinner." The Dinner is three courses and everyone has to order their food by writing their order down on their menus. But…there's a twist. The food has spooky names, so they don't know exactly what they're ordering. This year we had chili, hot dogs, corn bread, Jell-0 worms, chips, veggies and veggie dip, etc. Only Kristi, Nanette and I knew what foods went with which spooky name. Here is the list that the family had to order from:

  • Witches Wart (Fork)
  • Mummy Wrap (Bun)
  • Goblin Guts (Chili)
  • Devil's Tail (Jell-O)
  • Black Cat Curse (Chips)
  • Frankenstein Phlegm (Onions)
  • Pumpkin Pus (Punch)
  • Rotting Brains (Cheese)
  • Troll's Toe Jam (Deviled Eggs)
  • Warlock's Nose Hair (Napkin)
  • Spider Spit (Corn Bread)
  • Ghostly Goop (Cake)
  • Bloody Boogers (Veggie Dip)
  • Eerie Ear Wax (Veggies)
  • Squirmy Skeleton Fingers (Hot Dogs)

For example, Ryan's first course was: a hot dog bun, cheese, punch, veggie dip, and onions. After everyone is served their third course, they can get up and fix a full plate of food! We really have had so much fun with this, and I am excited to continue this new tradition! It seems like it is so difficult to get everyone together in one room and even though Eric and Jaryd were missing, it was still nice to get almost everyone together for a night of fun, food and laughter.

"Tapeworm" Hot Dogs

Punch...yes there are floating bats and spiders

Kristi's Kitty Litter Cake...Looks disgusting, but was pretty delicious.

Jell-O Worms (Kristi if you are reading this and this picture looks familiar...I stole it from your facebook page! I couldn't find a picture of these on my camera.)

Our table!

Kade and Issaiah having fun with the sticky eye balls...they are anxiously awaiting their first course!

Not sure how excited Uncle Ryan is about finding a spider in his punch!

Breydon must really be studying his menu...or maybe he just needs to put his glasses on.

Being silly as usual!


Ryan Kristi & Kade said...

O I haven't looked at your blog page in a while! I loved this night and looking at the pictures makes me so excited for next years dinner! We gotta seriously top this last one. Thanks for all the fun pictures!

Ryan Kristi & Kade said...

O and you can steal my facebook pictures any time! :)