Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Well it has been a while since I have updated and once again I cannot remember all of the things that I would have liked to have posted!  We have added a new addition to our family.  Brighton Michael Mansfield was born November 27 and the boys were pretty excited to have another nephew!

Connor and Brighton

Breydon and Brighton

Even Emery was excited to hold him!

Connor just finished wrestling...he really had a lot of fun.  He was able to compete in a few matches which he won!  He was pretty proud of himself, and Ryan and I just love watching the boys do things that they enjoy! 

Each year we celebrate Grandma Alice's birthday and Santa comes to visit all of the kids.  My boys are teetering on that edge where they kinda beleive and they kinda don't.  Connor was adamant that this could not possibly be the real Santa and wanted to say..."If you are the real Santa then why are you asking me what I want for Christmas? Shouldn't you already know?"  I had to tell him that this indeed was not the real Santa and that he was just a helper that would relay the message to the real guy!  I was so worried he would ruin it for all of the little ones.  I always tell the boys that you have to believe to receive...it might backfire on me one of these days!!

Sweet Grandma Alice

Connor telling Santa's "helper" his Christmas wishes

Breydon joking with Santa

We spent Christmas Eve with the Holmes family this year and had a great time!  We decorated cookies for all the kids to take home for Santa, but I think Damon and Emery spent more time eating the cookies than they did decorating them.
Emery must have used an entire bottle of sprinkles for each cookie!

Damon just kept dumping sprinkles on his half-eaten cookie, and then eating each sprinkle individually!!

I think he might be kinda proud of this one!

Cute Breydon and one of his many cookies!

Here is our finished plate of cookies...don't they look delicious?!

The boys were pretty excited for Christmas, but as usual I think I was the most excited.  I never sleep very well the night before Christmas because I am so excited to see the boys open their gifts.  Jaryd called us around 6:30 from D.C. to let us know what time he would be calling the family that night and he thought for sure the boys would be up.  He was wrong, I was pacing back and forth waiting for the boys to wake up; finally Ryan went up and got them up around 7.  I thought I was going to go crazy!!

Both boys knew that Christmas would be pretty small this year so that we would be able to go pick Jaryd up from D.C. at the end of March, and I don't think they minded this at all.  We had a great day and thanks to our family for making the holidays so much fun.  We love you all.