Wednesday, September 30, 2009

3 am.....

I find myself wide awake at 3 am, and have been wide-eyed since midnight. I find myself wondering what to do! I should clean the house, but then I would wake the rest of the family up, so what better time to update the blog?? I may be somewhat incoherent, as most of you know I LOVE my sleep! My poor family will have to deal with my crankiness tomorrow...which I guess is really today. Since I have not updated since something like June I am not sure how to go back and remember things I should have put on here. I do know the summer flew by and that since the weather was so weird we did not get to do as much camping as we would have liked. Even with having the entire summer off of work and the boys home with me, we really didn't get to go on any fun vacations! Maybe once I am graduated and we can have a true summer off, we will be able to do more fun things....

Anyway, soccer and football consume a large majority of our time. The boys love it, and I love watching them work hard and have fun! Breydon scored his first goal last Saturday, and even though he will tell you that he was passing to his friend Decker so Decker could score, I was still so excited for him! We were talking about it later and he told me..."Mom, it is so weird because if Jaryd were here I know he would have been there and been so excited! This is the first time that he has missed any of my games." He was a little emotional when he said this, but if any of you tell him I said that I will deny it forever!! After he said this I realized that it is so weird without Jaryd here. He was, and has always been my boys biggest fan. Two years ago when Breydon was playing soccer Jaryd painted Breydon's soccer number and Olsen on the back of one of his signature white t-shirt's; and of course he had to make Connor a matching shirt as well! I just always loved how supportive Jaryd was of the boys. He is missed and I cannot wait for him to come home!!

Connor has a love-hate relationship with football. He hates how much time it consumes. He has practice Tuesday-Friday from about 5:15-7:00, then has to come home to eat, shower, read and then go to bed. Getting him to practice can sometimes be a fight, but once he is there he loves it. He is the first to tell you that practice is hard, but part of that is due to his competitiveness. He has to be first at everything, so when they run, he pushes himself to the front of the pack to make it back first. He LOVES the games though. He is a great tackler, and has fun while playing. I guess all that time antagonizing his brother helped him a little, it still drives me crazy though.

This is really all I can think of right now...since I have to get up in about 2 hours, maybe I will try to get some sleep. I am sure 6:30 is going to come too soon! I will try to be better at updating this but even as I type this I know that I won't be!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Breydon's Poem

Breydon's 6th grade class is currently working on poems. He just wrote this poem and I thought it was amazing, heartbreaking and profound! So I am sharing it because I am so proud of him...

I Am
I am a cool soccer player
I wonder how the world spins
I hear echoing sounds in the dead of night
I see darkness in the day
I want to be ruler of all things
I am a cool soccer player
I pretend that I am a wrestler
I feel the weight of the universe on my shoulders
I touch the heart of others
I worry only about me
I cry for nothing
I am a cool soccer player
I understand that all people do things they regret
I say no one should cry from despair
I dream of becoming the richest person that has ever lived
I try to care about everybody
I hope everybody will know me in ten years
I am a cool soccer player
Some of these statements break my heart while others make me so happy I want to dance! (which would be a treat for all of you to watch lol) I am so lucky to have such a caring son and I cherish every moment I have with him.