Thursday, September 10, 2009

Breydon's Poem

Breydon's 6th grade class is currently working on poems. He just wrote this poem and I thought it was amazing, heartbreaking and profound! So I am sharing it because I am so proud of him...

I Am
I am a cool soccer player
I wonder how the world spins
I hear echoing sounds in the dead of night
I see darkness in the day
I want to be ruler of all things
I am a cool soccer player
I pretend that I am a wrestler
I feel the weight of the universe on my shoulders
I touch the heart of others
I worry only about me
I cry for nothing
I am a cool soccer player
I understand that all people do things they regret
I say no one should cry from despair
I dream of becoming the richest person that has ever lived
I try to care about everybody
I hope everybody will know me in ten years
I am a cool soccer player
Some of these statements break my heart while others make me so happy I want to dance! (which would be a treat for all of you to watch lol) I am so lucky to have such a caring son and I cherish every moment I have with him.

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Ryan Kristi & Kade said...

Hey, this isn't the poem I read the other day!!! I LOVE IT! He did such a good job... Tel him I am proud of him, Love you guys!!