Sunday, January 18, 2009

Silly kids.....

I think that Breydon is now starting to really miss Jaryd. Anyone who knows Breydon knows that he has gigantic feet. Right now he wears a mens 5 to 5 1/2 I think (it may be larger and he hasn't told me his shoes don't fit). Anyway, I have decided he is missing Jaryd because he has started wearing Jaryd's old shoes. Before Jaryd left for his mission, he cleaned out his closet and Ryan made off with some of his shoes. The shoes are too small for Ryan so he gave them to Breydon to grow into. Well, if you hadn't already guessed, Breydon has started to wear these shoes. While he has big feet they are not THAT big!! Poor Tina and Dot took the boys to a movie last night and Breydon clomped around in Jaryd's old shoes. They must be at least 3 sizes to big, but he says they feel fine! I can't think of many reasons to wear shoes that make you look like you're a clown other than because he misses Jaryd and wants to be like him.

Both boys are gaining very colorful vocabularies. Many of their words have been learned here at home, but sometimes the way they put them together is super funny. The other day the boys were fighting over who knows what, but it seemed to be pretty major because Connor called Breydon a, and I qoute, "penis hole". While I am not quite sure what that means, it must have been pretty serious because Breydon stomped into his room and locked Connor out. I had to get out my giggles before I could go up and find out what the problem was. Sometimes I don't know the best way to handle these things. On one hand, Connor was at least using correct terminology for the body part, but on the other hand he can't go around screaming it at people!

I came across this picture today, and thought I would put it on here. We needed a family picture recently for a calendar Nanette was making for Jaryd. Our little peach, Connor, does not like pictures. This is the best one we could take of the four of us. The rest show Connor crying like he is a three year old child!

That's it for now, talk you later!

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....Kristi.... said...

Maybe I can have a pair of Jar's shoes too! I miss him like crazy lately! Connor NEVER acts like a 3 yr old child!